Unpaid Judgment Program

Our Non-Performing Judgment Program has been by far the most successful new service bundle offered to our high volume clients in recent years! We have been achieving significant liquidation rates on thousands of aged, non-performing Michigan judgments that have previously eluded payment through all prior stages of collection.

How do we do it? It’s a matter of combining Attorney Goldner’s 22+ years of legal experience and knowledge of the local courts and vendors with a determined, file level pursuit of information designed to lead to collectible assets and or successful settlement discussions. Our approach is unique, proprietary, and is an excellent supplement strategy for the high volume client’s need to liquidate every last efficient dollar from their portfolios.

Many collection firms rely upon internal call centers and high volume call strategies which tend to duplicate (often poorly) the capabilities of their clients who have already mastered the art of collecting without litigating. Other firms also provide excellent litigation services and often collect very successfully on a percentage of the judgments they obtain from the courts.

But what about the thousands of judgments that these firms don’t collect on? The client is not only out the money that was not paid in the first place (or the cost of buying the debt) as well as the filing and service fees spent to get these judgments in the first place! Old unpaid judgments represent a significant expense to the client.

What is needed is an efficient solution like the one offered by Seth L. Goldner, P.C.! We have had great success collecting on old, non-performing judgments that are clogging up our client’s work lists and inventory during the one of the worst economic climates in Michigan history!

Michigan judgments are collectible for 10 years without a renewal and auto-renew for 10 years with each payment made. This means that judgments entered in 2002 still have a year left to collect on them, possibly more!

Any high volume lender or debt-buyer that has pursued a legal strategy in Michigan over the past 10 years undoubtedly has millions of dollars worth of aged and uncollected judgments….why not recall them and place them with Seth L. Goldner, P.C.? Our program will pay for itself, generally within 90 days! Contact us today to discuss your inventory of non-performing judgments and what can be done to collect the money owed to you before it is too late!