I was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and attorney Seth Goldner made it possible for me to stay in college and avoid jail-I’m so glad I hired him! – Susie

After getting my second DUI ticket I thought I was going to lose everything, But attorney Goldner fought for my rights and I was able to stay out of jail and I got a restricted driver’s license so I could continue to work, and pay my court fines and costs. Mr. Goldner helped me a lot and I’d recommend him to anyone. – Dan

It seemed like I was never going to get out of debt-I owed for credit cards, car loans, doctor bills and more. Fortunately for me I called Seth Goldner-he and his staff understood my problems and negotiated a great settlement with all of my creditors. Not only did I get to pay much less than I owed, I got time to come up with the settlement money. I stayed out of bankruptcy, paid my debts, and did it all for a very reasonable fee. – Karen

When it came time to buy our first house, my wife and I knew we needed an attorney to prepare our Offer to Purchase Agreement. Our agent made us sign a document that said she couldn’t give us legal advice and we wanted to make sure that the paperwork protected us as buyers-we had heard the forms the agents gave us are usually written to favor the Sellers since they list with the brokers. When it was time for the home inspection it turned out that a lot of things needed to be fixed. Seth Goldner made sure our agreement protected us-the repairs were made AND we even saved some money as a result of his expert negotiations. Believe me his fee was well worth it! -Mike and Debbie