Drunk / Drugged Driving

Have you been arrested for drunk driving (OUIL/UBAL) impaired driving (DWI) or driving under the influence of marijuana or other drugs?   If so you’re facing a serious criminal charge that could cost you a lot of money and your driver’s license. 

After you’ve been arrested or ticketed you need expert help right away!  No matter what they say, the Prosecutor is not your friend and a court appointed attorney isn’t paid enough to give YOUR case the attention it deserves.  You do need to retain a good attorney who will help you get through this very stressful situation and the right choice is attorney Seth L. Goldner.

It’s possible you DON’T have to lose your license and it’s possible to avoid the expensive fines, costs, community service, and drug testing that comes with a drug or alcohol conviction while driving.  The only way to know for sure is to call Attorney Goldner right away!  He will take personal interest in your case, he will help you understand all of your rights and weigh the risks and benefits of going to trial.  Attorney Goldner WILL defend you and WILL help you obtain the best possible outcome such as extra time to pay your fines and costs and helping you obtain a restricted drivers license so that you can continue working and living your life.